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Airflow Dyeing Machine Dyeing Works

- Sep 14,2018 -

The airflow dyeing machine, in addition to the continuous dyeing of the fabric and dyeing liquid, also has a circulating flow of air flow. It is a high-speed airflow generated by a centrifugal high-pressure fan using the principle of aerodynamics. The dyeing liquid is atomized through the nozzle, and the dyed liquid after atomization is sprayed onto the fabric to make the fabric color and drive the fabric to run. In the dyeing process, the main function of the high-speed airflow is as follows: first, the dyeing liquid is atomized through the nozzle, so that the atomized dyeing liquid is sprayed onto the fabric, and the air pressure infiltrating fabric is in full contact with the dyeing liquid, and at the same time. Due to the action of the airflow field, the fabric will be constantly deformed and shaken by the airflow to change the position and cross-sectional shape during the operation. The effect of the airflow on the fabric is beneficial to the dyeing liquid approaching and breaking through the interface layer of the fabric fiber. The fabric is easily colored and leveled and helps to release the stress generated during the processing of the fabric. Therefore, the fabric has no creases, and the processed fabric is soft and full. Second, as the power of the traction fabric, the fabric is driven. Due to the low gas density, the resistance generated is small, so the fabric runs fast, has small tension and no damage.

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