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Circular Screen Printing Machine Application Introduction

- Nov 5,2016 -

The rotary screen printing machine appeared in the 1950s and was used in the printing and dyeing industry. Many countries have been competing in development since then. There are more than ten forms and they are still being improved. The rotary screen printing machine is widely used for synthetic fiber, cotton and its fabric, synthetic filament fabric, and also for printing of transfer printing paper. It is still a preliminary exploration stage for silk fabric printing.
The rotary screen printing machine is a combination product between roller printing and lithographic screen printing. It combines the advantages of roller printing and screen printing, especially for warp continuous pattern and straight strip pattern, neat regular small geometric pattern. It is beyond the lithographic screen printing. In addition, it does not require the intermittent screen printing of the lifting screen, but runs continuously, so the speed is high. Suitable for mass production. However, the rotary screen printing machine also has the disadvantage of the roller printing and the flat screen printing machine, that is, it is also the so-called “wet to wet” printing, the distance between the color registration is closer, and the lithographic screen printing machine has the disadvantages in this respect. It exists and is more serious. In addition, because the opening ratio of the nickel mesh is much smaller than the opening ratio of the screen, the printing effect is not as good as the lithographic screen printing.
Regarding the batch, according to the relevant data research, it is considered that the cost of the rotary net is higher than that of the lithographic plate when the batch size is below 3,000 meters. When the volume is above 4,000 meters, the cost of the rotary net is slightly lower than that of the lithographic screen.

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