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Desktop Rotary Screen Printing Machine Overview

- Dec 31,2017 -

In view of the above limitations of the rotary screen printing machine on silk fabrics, people have designed a desktop rotary screen printing machine, that is, a rotary screen printing vehicle. The structure of the circular net driving platform is basically the same as that of the flat web printing platen, and the cold plate or the hot plate can be used arbitrarily. The round net is mounted on the frame, and the device such as the flower is like a rotary screen printing machine.
However, in order to prevent the sliding of the driving and the platen, the driving must be carried on the long rack to ensure that the position of the flower does not move. When the rotary screen runs on the platen, the set is finished, and the round net is lifted back to the original place, and another round net is replaced. After the adjustment, the second set of colors is printed, so that any color can be printed. And can print the lithographic screen printing is difficult to press the pattern of the pattern, suitable for small batch production. This kind of equipment is actively being trial-produced in various countries. Both France and Italy have finished products and are sold with Taiwanese plates. China has also successfully tested and put into production.
The newly designed round-line driving can also be used simultaneously with the lithographic plate, and it can match each other to match the two, and can print patterns that were not separately produced on the lithographic plate or on the circular net.

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