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Do you know the Similarities and Differences Between Printing and Dyeing?

- Aug 7,2018 -

First, the same point
1. The dyeing and fixing principles of applied dyes are similar.
2. The physical and chemical properties of the chemical additives used are similar.
3. The same variety of fibers, if dyed and printed with the same dye, can have the same color fastness.

Second, the difference
1. The dyeing solution is not added or added with a small amount of thickening paste, and the printing paste is added with more thickening paste.
2. Dyeing solution, the dye is easy to dissolve, no solvent is added. Printing paste, add more solvent.
3. When dyeing, the dye penetrates and diffuses sufficiently. When printing, the dye does not easily diffuse and penetrate, and is steamed or baked.
4. Dyeing and printing may have special requirements for the same type of dye.
5. Dyeing is rarely done with two different types of dyes, and printing often uses different types of dyes.
6. The printed fabric has a particularly strict requirement for the weft of the semi-finished product.
7. The masking of the gray cloth is better than the dyeing.
8. Dyeing and printing require different pretreatment requirements for semi-finished products.

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