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How to Enhance the Washing Machine Washing Effect

- Dec 26,2018 -

First, the washing powder should be completely dissolved. If the water temperature is too low, the washing machine will be difficult to dissolve the washing powder. It can be dissolved first with a small amount of warm water of about 30 °C. Such as clothing and dirty, can be washed with warm water of 40 ° C -50 ° C.
Second, according to the material of the clothing to determine which washing powder to use. It is best to use synthetic washing powder, such as low foam or non-foaming detergent. Synthetic washing powder is roughly classified into three types: neutral, weakly alkaline and strong alkaline. When washing silk and wool fabrics, it is suitable to use neutral or weakly alkaline; when washing cotton and linen fabrics with more oil stains, it is best to use strong alkali; when washing stained clothes such as blood and oil, Add enzyme washing powder; when washing rust fabric, washing powder containing sodium borate should be used.
Third, the amount of washing powder should be appropriate. The washing powder is used excessively, which is wasteful and difficult to rinse. If the amount is too small, the washing effect is weakened.
4. It is best to soak the clothes for a while before starting the machine. If you refer to a particularly dirty place, you should first use soap and then machine wash.

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