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How to Maintain the Calender

- Jul 18,2017 -

The regular maintenance of the calender in use will prolong the life of the machine and reduce the occurrence of faults. Today, Xiaobian will talk about how to maintain the calender.
First: Before starting the machine, wipe the roller with alcohol and non-woven cloth. After use, the roller must be cleaned. If it is difficult to wipe, it cannot be rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the roller.
Second: Some parts such as gears must be regularly lubricated.
Third: In the production process, the retracting and unloading shaft should not exceed the weight it bears, so as not to damage the retracting shaft.
Fourth: Some parts of the calender, such as the aluminum inverted shaft, must not be scratched.
Doing the above can extend the life of the calender. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us!

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