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Is Tension Control Important for Printing and Dyeing Machinery?

- May 19,2018 -

Tension control is an important control link in warping, sizing, manufacturing, printing and dyeing machinery, etc. With the development of control technology, new technologies such as frequency converters and control devices have become more and more widely used in printing and dyeing equipment.
At present, most printing and dyeing equipment tension control methods are three, namely: inverter control, servo control and magnetic powder clutch control; magnetic powder clutch is composed of transmission unit and driven unit, between the two units, filled with granular shape of about 40um in diameter. Magnetic powder, when the magnetic wire is not energized, the torque will not be transmitted from the transmission unit to the driven unit; the frequency conversion speed regulation uses the principle that the synchronous speed of the motor and the frequency of the input power supply are linear, and the 50hz power frequency mains is passed. The rectification and countercurrent links are converted into AC power with adjustable frequency, and supplied to the three-phase asynchronous motor to realize the speed regulation function; the servo control has a wide and smooth speed regulation range, hard mechanical characteristics and good regulation characteristics, and fast response characteristics. , high reliability, strong pressure resistance and so on.

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