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Some Distinctions Between Stereotypes and Answers to Related Questions

- Feb 17,2018 -

1. For setting machines and dyeing machines, although they are often used in the textile industry, they are essentially different, because the setting machine is used for shaping, and the printing machine is used for printing and dyeing operations. , use is different. Moreover, in terms of machine structure and performance, it is completely different.
2. For the setting machine, what is the hourly power consumption, etc.? In addition, in the setting machine, if the heat transfer medium is different, is it different in type?
For these two questions, the specific answer given by the setting machine manufacturer is:
Some relevant parameters such as the power consumption per hour of the setting machine are mainly determined by the specific specifications of the equipment. Therefore, we mainly look at this aspect. If the heat transfer medium in the setting machine is different, then the type is definitely different. For example, heat transfer oil heat transfer and steam heat transfer, the corresponding specific machine name is different.

3. For the setting process of the setting machine, can it add various additives?
The setting machine, whether it can add additives during the setting process, the answer is affirmative. Because the setting machine is mainly used to control the width of the fabric. Moreover, the fabric can have certain characteristics by the addition of various auxiliaries. For example, if a waterproofing agent is added, the fabric can be waterproof and shaped.

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