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Textile Machinery Classification and Use

- Nov 11,2017 -

Textile machinery covers all processing equipment from fiber weaving to garment molding, including chemical fiber machinery, spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, non-woven machinery, garment machinery and textile equipment. Sub-industry.
Spinning machinery: refers to textile machinery that processes natural raw materials such as wool, silk, cotton, and coal, oil, natural gas, and chemical raw materials extracted from corn and soybean into various yarns.
Weaving machinery: A textile machine used to further process yarn into cloth or garments, including weaving machinery and knitting machinery.
Auxiliary machinery and non-woven machinery: refers to dyeing and finishing machinery, which is used for dyeing, coloring and finishing yarns and fabrics, and plays an auxiliary role in the textile industry.
The non-woven machinery mainly includes a carding machine, a needle punching machine, etc., and can directly press various natural fibers and discarded chemical fibers into a nonwoven fabric. Nonwovens can be used in medical, chemical and other fields.

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