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Understand the Precautions When Using a Tension-free Dryer

- Oct 11,2016 -

The precautions regarding the use of a tension-free dryer are as follows:
1. After the feeding door is closed and locked, it can be started. After the machine stops running, remove the fabric to avoid accidents.
2. Frequently clean the filter screen of the induced draft fan, which can keep the air intake normal.
3, steam dryer should always pay attention to the stability of the air pressure, the smooth flow of the steam trap.
4. The electric heating type adopts high-efficiency energy-saving heating pipe. When using, the whole machine should be grounded reliably. The grounding device must comply with relevant national standards and regulations.
Regarding the use of the tension-free dryer, I will explain it here today. I hope to help everyone’s work. For more information, please pay attention to the company website.

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