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What are the types of impact roller models

- Jun 17,2016 -

The impact roller is a new type of non-circular rolling and towed impact compaction machine consisting of two parts: the tractor and the impact wheel.

The tractor is a large-scale engineering traction machine dedicated to the whole set of impact roller compactor. It is an important part of the complete impact compactor.

The impact wheel is usually composed of various 3~5 non-circular equilateral tugs. Through continuous rolling impact, the purpose of compacting the road surface and roadbed is achieved. Because it has no power, the impact wheel needs to be driven by large traction equipment. jobs.

At present, the impact wheels introduced by our company are divided into three-sided impact wheel, quadrilateral impact wheel and pentagonal impact wheel, which are divided into three types: SDT/SDQ/SDP (for the picture, please refer to the product center of our station homepage.

According to its static potential energy, the impact wheel is divided into 25KJ/30KJ/35KJ and other different models (see the detailed classification of the technical parameters for detailed technical parameters). These different types of impact wheels have little difference in work performance, but slightly in terms of performance. difference.

According to the working principle of the impact roller, the impact force of the trilateral impact wheel is too large, and the impact is compacted on the roadbed. The impact force of the pentagon impact wheel is relatively weak, which is mostly used for road surface crushing, and the quadrilateral impact wheel is moderately strong. Both can be used for both roadbed compaction and road surface crushing.

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