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What is an Impact Roller?

- Aug 27,2016 -

The impact roller is actually a new type of towed roller. The roller compaction wheel is a polygonal non-circular cam that is pulled by a tire-type tractor. Therefore, the impact roller is composed of two parts: a tractor and an impact wheel.

The impact roller of the impact roller is usually composed of various 3~5 non-circular equilateral tugs. The purpose of compacting the road surface and the roadbed is achieved by continuous rolling impact. Because it has no power itself, the impact wheel needs to be in the large traction equipment. Drive it to work.

The impact roller tractor is a large-scale engineering traction machine dedicated to the whole set of impact roller. It is an important part of the complete impact compactor. It can be replaced by large tractors, loaders and automobiles in engineering practice.

The impact roller drives the non-circular impact wheel through the traction of the tractor, and uses the weight of the impact wheel itself and the impact force during the advancement to crush and compact the cement road surface and the roadbed. High productivity and good compaction effect are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of impact roller in recent years. Even some construction projects require strict impact, and whether or not the impact roller has become a hard target for construction units to participate in bidding.

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