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Compacting Machine

The compacting machine equipped with 20mm seamless felt, magnetic levitation separate holder, electric oil cylinder, automatic hydraulic precise folder. It is mainly used for the preshrinking process of cotton. Blender...

The compacting machine equipped with 20mm seamless felt, magnetic levitation separate holder, electric oil cylinder, automatic hydraulic precise folder. It is mainly used for the preshrinking process of cotton. Blender fabrics that more than 65% cotton can use this machine also. Wool circular fabrics. Preshrink ratio 18%, shrinkage less than 5%.

Technical Flow:
Constant tensionless infeed — four wheels overfeeding and expanding — steam humidification — double felts compacting — cooling air — precise folding

GHYB1400 Precise Tubular Compacting Machine
Machine Usage:
This machine is mainly composed of the following mechanisms, Overfeeding mechanism, Magnetic suspension stretcher plate, steaming device, Teflon plate used for guiding fabrics, Compacting mechanism, precise folding mechanism and electrical control mechanism. This machine is used for compacting 100% cotton fabrics, and TC fabrics.  After worked by the machine, you could get good hand feeling, low washing shrinkage(3%-5%) and eliminating the fabrics wrinkles and crease mark.

Machine Drawing and Mainly Parts:

1.Overfeeding wheel body subassemble
2.Magnetic suspension stretcher assembly
3.Slide plate subassemble
4.Steam box subassemble
5.(This device has been removed, coz of a bit more tension for fabrics)
6.Felt tighten device
7.Fabrics guiding and pressing mechanism
8.Compacting main part
9.Precise folding main part
10.Round-trip mechanism
11.Climbing net mechanism
12.Fabrics pressing mechanism
13.Plaiting mechanism
14.Pair roller parts
15.Telescope frame assemble

Machine Structure
Overfeeding Mechanism and Magnetic Suspension Stretcher Plate
● One set 0.75kw motor,which will power the screw to adjust the width of the overfeeding wheel and Magnetic suspension stretcher plate.
● Touch screen with display the fabrics width.
● The fabrics guiding wheel that on the magnetic suspension stretcher plate, use titanium material, which is used for aerospace materials. So no colour falling, no dirty to the fabrics, our competitors use Aluminum wheel or other materials, when the machine works for light colour, the fabrics are easy to be polluted.
● The magnetic suspension stretcher plate guiding belt, we use USA GATES brand, by which the pressing mark could be less than 7mm, our competitors brands use column type overfeeding wheel to infeed fabrics, which will have 30mm-40mm pressing mark.
● There is photoelectric switch, which is used to control and trace the fabrics moving status(if fabrics has hole, the machine will stop automatically and alarming)
● The overfeeding speed is controlled by inverter motor.

Steaming Device
The steaming box is made of stainless steel and used to wet the fabrics before enter into the compacting unit. The nozzle adopts upper concave and lower protrude type to avoid steam condensation drops fall out.
There is one ball valve on the main pipe to control the steaming volume.
The steaming system also include steam-water separator and steam trap

Teflon Plate used for Guiding Fabrics
We use Teflon plate to guide the fabrics, coz the Teflon plate has extremely small friction, so the fabrics has very small drag force, hence, the compacting result is better than our competitors brand(they do not use the Teflon plate)

Compacting Mechanism
● This part is the core device of compacting, consist of two sets heating cylinder and high temperature resistant felt, which has 270°big wrap angle.
● The fabrics enter the compacting unit through overfeeding wheel and magnetic suspension stretcher plate, under the mechanical action, the two sides of the fabric are compacting and setting. So the fabrics will be fully relaxed and contracted both vertically and horizontally. In a result, fabrics will have stable size, soft hand feeling surface.
● This machine has two drying cylinder,each one has about 150kg thermal oil.each cylinder are heated by 16.5kw electric heating tube, which controlled by controlled silicon. Thermal oil model is WD-320.
● The surface temperature of the cylinder could be adjusted.
● This mechanism adopts one set pneumatic adjust device to correct the felt snake shape movement path.
● The felt tighten is controlled by two sets pneumatic cylinders. When stop the machine, the felt is on relaxion status, which is good for felt to have a long lifespan.
● The first drying cylinder and felt linear speed is the machine’s main speed. The second drying cylinder, felt speed and precise folding speed changes according to the main speed. In the mean time, customer could adjust their individual speed according to different type fabrics. The adjustment is sensitive, which could guarantee the fabrics run under tension less status.

Precise Folding Mechanism.
This mechanism consist of lift working table and plaiting mechanism, transporting belt.
Plaiting speed is controlled by 1.5kw inverter.

Driven mechanism
Overfeeding, felt one cylinder speed, felt two cylinder speed and plaiting speed are controlled by Inverter.
Speeds are display on the touch screen.

Electrical system
The electrical system of the machine is divided into two parts: main circuit and control circuit.
The main circuit includes low voltage circuit breaker, AC contactor, variable frequency motor, inverter.
The control circuit includes temperature controller, blanket correction limit switch, electromagnetic pneumatic reversing valve and a stop button.

Machine Maintenance and Precautions
● Stop heating the drying cylinder first, after 15 minutes,then stop the machine.
● Should check the pneumatic cylinder inside sealing parts termly, if there is damage, replace in time
● Check the pipelines system joints very often, if there is any leaking, replace in time.
● When replace the thermal oil inside of the drying cylinder, customer has to replace the sealing pads between electric heating tube and thermal couple, thermal oil should be WD-320 type.
● Should check the screws on the magnetic suspension stretcher plate very often, if there is any loosen,tight at one. In case the screw will come out and damage the felt and drying cylinder.

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