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Double Padder Machine

Machine Usage: This series Double padder machine is used for squeezing water and impregnating softener process of the tubular fabrics, the fabrics are treated by two times ballooning, two times...

Machine Usage:
This series Double padder machine is used for squeezing water and impregnating softener process of the tubular fabrics, the fabrics are treated by two times ballooning, two times squeezing and the exit fabrics will be flat and no crease.
It can substitute for centrifugal machine and wet expander.

Machine Parameters

Standard working width 1400mm
Mechanical speed 5-50m/min
Motor power 18kw
Applicable compressed air pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa
Machine weight 5T

Machine Confugation:
Turn table
It consists of rotary table and hydralic station, Rotary table is driven by one motor, it can turn clockwise or anticlockwise according to untwist needing.

Detwister head and detwist lifting mechanism
● Detwister head cosnists of caged roller、rotating drums, electric motor, twisting inducting roller, gear reducer and frames.
● The caged roller is made of stainless steel main spindle and welded by stainless steel rods, driven by gear reducer, The main role of the caged roller is to lift the fabrics from the trolley through the rotating drum to the top of the machine.
● Rotating drum consists of rotating drum, a pulley, a bearing wheel and two nylon wheels. The rotating drum is driven by electric motor, and the rope fabrics can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions according to the instructions of the proximity switch installed on the left and right ends of the induction roller, completing the untwisting operation.
● Twisting inducting roller is a nylon roller, It can be moved left and right under the driving of the fabrics. The direction of twist is different and the direction of movement is also different. Proximity switches are installed at corresponding positions on the left and right sides. The two proximity switches respectively control the clock and anti clock turning of the detwister head to complete the untwisting.
● Detwist lifting mechanism is one set rack and pinion device, the gear is driven by worm gear reducer, which has self-lock function,can be reliably stopped at any position. There is a limit switch and limit control at each of the upper and lower ends.

Opening Mechanism
It consists of guide ring and active fabrics guide roller. Fabrics insertsr into guide ring,and then fabrics guide roller. The fabrics will be flattened under the traction of the fabrics guide roller.

Water squeezing and softner impregnating mechanism.
Water squeezing mechanism consists of two pieces rubber roller, one is active roller, driven by worm gear reducer, the other is passive roller, draw by air cylinder.
Softner impregnating mechanism structure is same as water squeezing. The squeezing roller’s pressure can be adjusted to control the final fabrics moisture containing.

Small squeezing roller mechanisum
The small squeezing mechanism is installed abover the reservior and pressurized by the air cylinder. It can remove some water from fabrics.
The air cylinder stroke is adjustable type, which can adjust the gas of the two rollers as needed.

Tension adjust mechanism (strechter plate type no this structure)
Tension adjust mechanism installed between two sets rollers. It can adjust the fabrics constant tension between two sets rollers. Will have no Stretching and accumulation.

Reservior and heating device
● There are two reserviors. One is under the wastersqueezing mechanisum, it is for water. The other is under Softener impregnating roller, it is for softner. The two reserviors have same structure.
● The reserviors are made of stainless steel tank body, fabrics guide roller, heating device and liquid adding pipe. The trough body is made of3mm and 2mm SUS304 stainless steel, There are overflow gate and drain gate upper the trough, Overflow gate is used to drain the liquid in the tank. The overflow port can prevent the liquid from losing control and the liquid overflows from the tank. In addition, the floating foam on the liquid surface can be discharged.
● The heating device consists of heating pipe, thermocouple, electromagnetic reversing valve, pneumatic DC cut-off valve, and steam trap, which can realize the automatic control of the liquid temperature.
● Liquid adding pipe is the stainless steel tube with the hole, one for each tank body. One connnected with tap water, and the other is connected to the liquid tank to add softener

Strecther plate device(Optional)
This device consist of overfeeding box, overfeeding wheel, strecther plate and gear reducer, this mechansium is two steps overfeeding, The fabrics tension is less, less strecthing and more flat.

Fabrics Exit Plaiting Mechanism
Consists of one piece active fabrics guide roller, two pieces fabrics passing roller, plaiting pair roller, swing arm and swinging device.

Liquid MixingTank
Consists of operation platform, stirrer, a heating pipe, water adding pipe, and it is used to mix the softener.

Transmission Mechanism
The transmission of the whole machine is driven by five sets motors, For caged roller, infeeding, squeezing water, impregnating softner, plaiting, equips inverter control.
The detwisting cylinder is directly driven by the motor through the belt, and the reversing operation is performed. Inverter control

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