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Double Padder

Balloon  Padder  Machine The equipment is suitable for the drying of wet tubular fabric and the treatment of Padder. The fabric will be processed twice. No any wrinkles. Introduction The...

Balloon  Padder  Machine The equipment is suitable for the drying of wet tubular fabric and the treatment of Padder. The fabric will be processed twice. No any wrinkles.

The equipment is suitable for the drying of wet tubular fabric and the treatment of Padder. The fabric will be processed twice. No any wrinkles.
This machine can replace the traditional centrifugal drier, wet expanding machine and auxiliary soaking mill. save labor. land. automatic. high effective. simple operation.
The equipment is beautiful in appearance. and the structure of the equipment is made of high quality stainless steel plate.
The maximum width of the width is 1400mmm
According to customer requirements, the machine could be installed with stainless steel maglev sparation shuttle.
According to the customer’s you can select the turning table (hydraulic drive), j-box. the detwist head (auto lift), and multi-channel roller dip.
After finishing, the fabric can directly enter the drying room

GHZC2800 uniform pad is and adaption of German technology. The GHZC2800 has the advantage of squeezing uniformly, squeezing ratio steady, fabrics liquid containing evenly, big squeezing area. It is the first choice of stenter and other squeezing equipment.
This machine frame is made of super steel and all parts that touch water are being made of imported stainless steel to provide long life span.
Max pressure: 100KN
Diameter of the squeezing roller: 300mm  (German type)
Motor of the squeezing nip roller : 11Kw
Speed: 5-80M
Rubber surface length :3000 mm (according to customer’s working width)
Rubber layer thickness:  20mm
LxWxH: (1200+W)X1100X2200 (German type)
Weight: about 5T
Relationship between pressure: µ=0.108 P=µF/S

Air pressure(Kgf/cm²) 1 2 3 4 5
Roller pressure(KN) 24.24 48.4 72.57 96.74 120.9

Machine Structure
1.Different pressures can be obtained on the squeezing nip rollers through adjustment of the air cylinder pressure to obtained desired chemical pick-up and/or extraction of moisture/liguid.  The core of the squeezing roller is steel structure, covered with USA DuPont glue. Complete roller surface is (Crowned) middle-high shape, so under 80KN pressure, there is an equal parallel gap between the two squeezing rollers to enable and obtain uniform squeezing/extraction moisture ratio.
2.Solution/Liquid level control system utilizes ball float sensing device to control steady solution level in trough. The ball float controls the angle seat valve opening and closing to guarantee the desired liquid level in the trough.
3.The squeezing pressure of the air cylinders and trough solution level utilizes manual valve control and are non-stop.
4.Fabric in-feeding is equipped with stainless steel spreading roller, driven by separate motor.
5.Speed of the padder can combine with the main speed and realize in-phase, on need manual adjust.

Turn Table
hydraulic can turn clockwise or anticlockwise according to untwist needing

According to the torsion direction of the fabrics, send signal automatically, control the detwister head and turntable direction, X type delivery belt wheel driven by motor, decrease tension of the fabrics.

Infeed Device
The infeed device is driven by motor; its speed can be adjusted by inverter, which can make sure the speed in phase. The web belt transports the fabrics, set with a moving adjust system to correct web belts running path; set with a lifting device draw by motor, lift or lower the in feed device facilitated to fabrics in feed.

Fabrics Guide Device
Set with Fabrics guide ring to ensure fabrics running in the middle of squeeze roll; set with 2sets limited switch control the fabrics tension between infeed roller and water squeezing roller, water squeezing roller and liquid squeezing roller to protect cloth guiding ring.

Air ballooning Device
This part includes hand operation air spray and automatic ballooning, the air spray is the main ballooing device. The automatic ballooning device is controlled by two pieces single reverse valve. It is the assistant device.

Water Squeezing Device and Liquid Squeezing Device
Each device consists of 2 sets(four pieces) rubber roller made of special material and 2 sets air cylinder, each air cylinder is controlled by single reverse valve, the valve power on, the squeezing roller pressurizing; power off, squeezing roller apart. The pressure of the squeezing roller is adjusted by two sets reduce valve. Set with 3-position rotary switch control motion of magnetic valve. The water squeezing device and softener expression device are driven by one motor separately, the two motors are controlled by inverter and speed can be adjusted, which made the fabrics run in non tension situation.

Tension Adjust Device
Set with a regulation-resistance to adjust tension between liquid squeezing roller and delivery device.

Fabrics Exit Device
This device is driven by inverter controlled motor ensure synchronous running.

Heating Device
The heating device consists of heating pipe, thermo-couple, filter, reverse valve, pneumatic driven stop valve and steam trap, it can keep liquid temperature constant automatically

Blending jar
It consists of blender heating pipe water injection pipe; its function is blend softener and water fully.

Driving Device
The whole machine has 6 sets driving motors, among them in-feed motor water squeezing motor, softener expression motor and plaiting motor are droved by inverters, the inverter is controlled by synchronous controller. rotate “total adjust” knops, the overalls speed changed. Moreover the speed of feed motor water squeezing motor, softener expression motor and plaiting motor can be adjusted individually. Set with pushbutton on control panel control Breadth motor and lift motor running clockwise or anticlockwise. “start” and “stop” pushbutton control Blender motor’s running.

Electric Components:
The inverter is Delta brand of Taiwan. Low voltage appliance is Schneider of France.

Main parts of the Machine

Inverter:Delta of taiwan 4sets Water squeezing roller: acid base resistant rubber roller two sets Softener expression roller: acid base resistant rubber roller two sets
Gear box motor: 3kw 2sets Gear box motor: 0.75kw 4sets Gear box motor: 1.5kw 2sets
Infeed Web Belt: 3175mmx1640mm Du pont of USA 2pcs (material is imported from Du pont and made in China) Bearing: made in China Pneumatic components: shanghai of China
Rough Belt: 40x2mm Channel steel, corner steel: 10#, 5# Ji steel Steel plate: thickness 10, 3 shanghai Bao steel.
Painting (machine skin coating): Tianjin of China Digital temperature controller: Shanghai Low voltage electric sets(like switch, indicator, relay): Schneider of France
Chains: Hangzhou of China Triangle belt: Jinan of China Thermal couple: shanghai of China

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