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Felt Bed Printing Machine

GH Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine Item Name & Model: Item Name: Full Servo Blade Type Flat Bed Printing Machine Model: GH 200 The model of GH200 is means the...

GH Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine
Item Name & Model:
Item Name: Full Servo Blade Type Flat Bed Printing Machine
Model: GH 200
The model of GH200 is means the nominal width 1200mm, adopt GH-180B double-track type blade squeegee assembly, bedplate 10m, 12 printing colors, color supply on right(or left) hand side for option.
Application: The machine is suitable for 100g/m²~350g/m² natural fiber, chemical fiber, blended woven fabric and knitted fabric. Meanwhile, which also suitable for printing various kinds of continuous and independent pattern design of cotton, silk, towel, bed sheet, decorated cloth and so on.

Specification & Parameter
1. Nominal width: 1600 mm
2. Maximum printing width: 1600 mm
3. Maximum fabric width: 1600 mm
4. Repeat: 1000 mm
5. Bedplate length: 10 m
6. Bedplate lifting: servo motor collective lifting system
7. Maximum working speed of blanket: 100m/min
8. Maximum working speed of blade: 200m/min
9. Register precision: ≤±0.1mm
10. Machine speed: 18~22 plates/ min
11. No. of print color: 12 print colors
12. Operation position of color supply: Left/ Right side
13. Fabric entry: single and continuous type cloth feeding
14. Gluing type: resin/ water-soluble glue
15. Foundation base: steel foundation and install in the floor of ground floor

Power Data:
1. Working voltage: 3×AC380V±10%,50Hz
2. Total power: 80KVA(included dryer)
3. Average power: 110KVA
4. Water pressure: 0.2~0.3 MPa
5. Water consumption: 600L-1000L/h
6. Wielding air pressure: 0.5~0.7 MPa
7. Wielding air consumption: 250L/min

Main Configuration
1. Blanket drive system
1) Blanket: specialized printing blanket.
2) Main drive: adopt 2 units of Japan YASKAWA 11 KW servo motor
3) Main reducer: 2 units of Italy ROSS reducer
4) Key bearing: adopt imported original SKF and NSK bearing.
2. Blanket positioning system
Adopt high precision CNC computerized control system to realize high speed precise positioning.
3. Printing bedplate
Adopt steel bedplate, special padded blanket, with stainless steel inside and outside side shield.
4. Lifting device
Adopt 2 units of Japan YASKAWA 5.5KW servo motor drive (or use other brand), servo lifting control, fast, stable and reliable.
5. Printing unit
4 sets of universal double-track type scraping system, adopt Japan YASKAWA 2.9KW servo motor drive, PLC control, touch screen display and operation.
6. Blanket washing system
Use 3 brush rollers positive type blanket washing system, full automatic pneumatic lifting, push into and pull out by the side of machine, convenient to clean and maintain.
7. Constant tension fabric feeding device
Use overhead type continuous fabric-feeding device of constant tensionless fabric-feeding roller, suitable for continuous cloth feeding of single width, light-minded knitted fabric.
8. Automatic centering device
Equipped with specialized automatic sliding type photoelectric correction centering device
9. Dust collection
Use static-free brush roller, able to brush the surface of fabric, dust absorption and collection process.
10. Gluing device
With stainless steel scraping plate type resin gluing or automatic magnetic rod gluing device for option.
11. Electrical control system of machine
The electrical control system of machine is adopt Japan Mitsubishi large PLC (programmable logic controller), human-machine interface use colorful large touch display screen, easy for operator to monitor, inquiry and operate the equipment.
12. The dryer machine heated by gas, the gas burner adopt Italy RIELLO brand gas burner, adopt 3 layers conveyor belt cloth passing structure design, each chamber can load 9mfabric, save space and improve its drying efficiency, each chamber has independent temperature regulation control system.

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