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Heat Setting Stenter Machine

Heat Setting Stenter Machine is mainly used for the cotton, polyester, wool, hemp of setting process for the open width fabrics, after worked by the machine, you can get stable...

Heat Setting Stenter Machine is mainly used for the cotton, polyester, wool, hemp of setting process for the open width fabrics, after worked by the machine, you can get stable size of the fabric

Machine Techncial Flow Chart:
Horizontal infeeding–>Fabrics tenting–>Infra-red expanding and centering–>Two roll padder–>Tension synchronous control system–>Two roll padder–>Photoelectric weftstraigtner(customer provide)–>Lower overfeeding–>Screw expanding–>Screw expanding–>Upper overfeeding–>Edge spreader–>Infra-red inspector–>Overfeeding and pin on–>Tenting and setting–>Coolant air–>Pin off–>Exit–>Plaiter or rolling

Machine Details:
Fabrics Feeding:
● Tension adjusting frame
● Upper and lower roller spreader,
● Infra-red centering device, machine body,
● Slider type rectifying roller
● Rectifying executive device

Horizontal structure,
The two roller is parellel when in a free state

Overfeeding pin on System
● This system means the completely machine head system,
● main operation area,wholly machine main operation is on right and left panel(or operation beam),
● The operator stand on padal,left side is manual panel, right is HMI.

Heating area Fabrics Infeeding
Air curtain protection system, pin off inspection device, breathadjust device, steam box,wool brush fabrics pressing device, fabrics clip closing device, fabrics edge gumming device.

Guie rail and Chains
Horizontal tenting frame, steel rail, alloy slide rail, High manganese steel chain, copper pin plate, Nickel plated steel needle

Heating Chamber:
Hot air blowers, chambers, heating system, filter net, exhaust moisture system, machine body, and insulation boards, hot air motor 2X11KW/chamber, exhaust moisture motor 2X5.5KW/set

This section include: cool air system, clip opening system, edge cutting and sucking system, main pin off system, main active plaiting system, static electric removal device, HMI touching screen.

Instant Monitoring System
● The machine is equipped with real-time monitoring system.
● The camera is mounted in the fabrics exit area, and show the fabrics exit state. is taken out.
● Main screen is on the right side of the operating area.
● The operators can observe the cloth immediately, and can communicate with each other through the front and back intercom.

Electric System
● PLC programmed, control all main driven motor inverters, the motor speed adjusted by inverter, speed will be synchronized by encoder signal.
● Each chambere hot blower controlled by double inverter, adjust the upper and lower air volume.
● Each machine has four paralleling electrical cabinet.
● Machine main speed shown on the big screen
● Large screen display table for host speed
● Machine faulty will show on main screen.

Pneumatic System:
Air-water apart device, filter device, decompress device, electric controls direction changing valve. Air pipe, cylinder.

Machine Mainly Parts:

No. Item Name Details
01 Machine working mode Chains circulation horizontal rotary
02 Heat setting pattern Hot air circulation
03 Chains pattern Pitch 60mm, steel chains.
04 Rail pattern Steel rail,non oil lubrication
05 Machine standard power 380V(±5%)50Hz3PH
06 Control power Single phase 220V、24V
07 Applicable steam specification Steam size 3-6Kg/cm²steam
Dteam consumption 100~150kg/hour
08 Compressed air Size 0.35-0.6MPa water removal
consumption 10~15L/min
09  Pin plate Max. Distance breath 1600、2000、2200、2400、2600、2800、3200
10 Chamber quantities 2、4、6、8、10、12
11 Consumption of each chamber: 0.075-0.12MKCal/H·chamber Thermal oil T<280℃;P≈0.3Mpa
Belz electric three – way control valve
 Filter, manual stop valve
Heat exchanger
Middle-pressure steam Steam specification:
25-40Kg/cm²superheated steam
Steam parameters:
γ≈450KCal/Kg; ρ≈12Kg / m³ T<224℃
About 166-266Kg/H·chamber
Pneumatic stop valve,trap valve
Natural gas Natural gas size:
P≈2Kpa-3.5Kpa burnup value 35544KJ(8500KCal)/m³
About 6.5-10.5Kg
England Hankfeuer Gas burner
Stainless steel gas burning room
Stainless steel heat exchanging room
12 Temperature control mode Individual control of each chamber
13 Breadth adjust control Individual control of each chamber
14 Insulated panel thickness 150mm
15 Hot air delivery mode Upper and lower air chamber air delivery seperately
Air volume inverter control
16 Heating chamber width 3000mm
17 Machine colour Blue+white
18 Machine dimension Length Heating chamber number*3000mm+19700mm
Width Pin plate max.breadth+2700mm
Height 3000mm
19 Mechnical Speed 2chambers 5~20m/min
4chambers 5~30m/min
6chambers 5~40m/min
8chambers 5~50m/min
10chambers 5~60m/min
12chambers 5~80m/min
20 Power Paddering 16.5  KW
Each heating chamber 22.75  KW
Driven 45 KW
21 Spare parts Pin plate seat,chains Each 20pcs
Pin plate 50pcs
Overfeeding wool wheel 10pcs
Overfeeding synchronous belt 10pcs
Breadth adjust nuts Right and left each 2pcs
Low voltage components accessories 10pcs
Drive triangle belt 4pcs
Pneumatic control solenoid valve 2pcs
  Thermo resistance 2pcs
22 Infra-red edge tracing controller EL
23 Electrical control Inverter Delta of Taiwan
PLC Delta of Taiwan
Touching screen Delta of Taiwan
Low voltage components Schneider of France
Buttons,knobs,indicators Shanghai,China
Electrical cabinet Similar German
Industry air conditioning HAILITE
Temperature controller Honeywell
Breadth sensor Korea,Autonics
Heat resistance Shanghai
 Synchronizer sensor Shanghai
24 Driven motor gea rreducer ZIK
25 Padder rubber roller Gomplast
26 Edge spreader Flat plate mechanical type XTY
Single side blowering XTY
Four fingers spreading XTY
27 Overfeeding pin on teeth plate Made by ourselves
28 Guide rail High strength chains XTY
High strength pin plat XTY
Precise steel pin plate seat XTY
Guide rail XTY
29 Blower heating system Hot air blower motor HD
Impeller Chinese
Heat collector Chinese
30 Exhaust motor Chinese
31 Bearing Bearing with seat RKC
Ball bearing HRB
Joint bearing Chinese
32 Pneumatic components SZ
33 Seal strip Chinese brand
34 Insulated material Chinese brand
35 Paintings
36 Static electric removal Chinese
37 Machine base steel Machine base frame Chinese
Hot air chamber
Hot air blower plate
Insulated panel
Main machine slot
Frame steel
Frame hot steel
Driven roller
Round steel
38 Rough belt Chinese
39 Machine tail coolant air chamber 1set
40 Cable from electrical box to machine
41 Outer air ducting

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