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Heat Setting Stenter

Our Heat Setting Stenter Machine Mainly used for Heat Setting Woven and Knitting Fabric. 丨Working Procedure of Heat setting stenter Machine丨 open-width fabric entry → spreading → infrared centering→ padder→...

Our Heat Setting Stenter Machine Mainly used for Heat Setting Woven and Knitting Fabric.

丨Working Procedure of Heat setting stenter Machine丨
open-width fabric entry → spreading → infrared centering→ padder→ weft straightener → overfeed → uncurling → infrared detect→ pinning → stentering → air cooling → depinning → fabric exit→ plaiting/winding

The Main Components of Stenter

The Heat Setting Stenter Machine is used for cotton/chemical fiber/mixed knitted woven fabric/ by openning width, drying and styling process.

Technical Flow:
Plaint Entry — 2-Roller Aslant Padder — Obligate Photoelectric Weft Strangtener – Overfeeding — Tridactylous Edge Spreader, Infrared Edge Sensor — Pin or Clip or Combied Pin-Clip — Stentering and Drying in the 8 Drying Chambers – Air-Jet Cooling — Cooling Roller Cooling — Swing Outlet

Machine Specification:
1.The π-type feeding gantry consists of input pipe, the strain stand, the electrical edge guide, the cloth guide and the channel steel frame.
2.The duo oblique roll: The roller diameter isφ300mm. The air cylinder drives the roll with its bottom pulling force. it will generate the pressure of 7,000 kg.
3.The drying chamber working method:
A). Small circulation hot wind blows the fabrics up and down through pipes, whose volume can be adjusted randomly.
B). Each chamber is equipped with a set of heat disperser and 2 pcs of circulation fans directly driven by high-temperature-resistant motor.
C). The screen locates on front of heat disperser to be convenient for cleaning after stop so as to improve heat efficiency.
4.Main transmission and guide rail system:The extended feeding guide rail system: The spline shaft driven by 11KW AC motor and chains driven by worm wheel box, pin board or clips operate steadily along the steel guide rail, and the chains are equipped with constant tension device. The rail breadth adjustment adopts group transmission and there are separate tiny adjustment devices on both side of drying chamber.
5.The cooling and plaiting system: There are a set of wind cooling and cool-water roller cooling system, and the draw-out device adopts laying-out, plaiting and rolling dual draw-out.

According to the width of the fabric, we can offer the following models:
The machine is equipped with horizontal rollers, the diameter is from 360mm to 400mm based on the machine width of 3000mm or wider.

The Specification of Stenter Machine

Origin China
Year of manufacture 2018
Main Matching Fabric open width fabric (70~350g/m²) made of cotton, cotton/polyester,wool,synthtic fiber and
other blended fibers
Heat source natural gas/circulating conduction oil/steam
Stentering type hot air circulating
Holding type pin+clip
Chain type pitch 60mm,oil-free lubricated
Rail type carbon steel+polymer wearing strip
Working type horizontal return chain
Working width 1000-3600mm
Working speed 5-60m/min
Chamber Nos 2-12
Chamber width 3000mm
Insulating board thickness 150mm
Temperature of chamber 100~220ºC
Pinning & brush overfeed ratio -20%~40%
Temp.& Breadth adjustment type separately adjust on each chamber
Capacity of machine 61.5kw+22.75kw*chamber*Nos
Standard machine power supply 380V/3P/50HZ
Control power supply 220V/24V
Steam specification of steam box 3-6kg/cm²
Steam comsuption of steam box 100-150kg/h
Compressed air 0.35-0.6MPa
Total weight 14T+5.8T/chamber*Nos

• We possess the upgrade and design ability with our professional technical team, your customized design could be changed into drawing.
• With advanced technology and best quality, we make sure that you can get satisfied products based on our pleasant cooperation.
Lead time: 60working days.
Payment: 40%pay in advance,60%pay before ship the machine
Installation and Commissioning: Supplier will dispatch one technician to supervise the installation and commission and to instruct and teach Buyer’s operators to properly operate and maintain the machine.
Buyer shall shoulder the round air tickets of the Technician and to provide his board and lodging and local transportation. Salary USD150 per day.
Warranty: One year warranty period to start upon turn-over of the machine to Buyer’s authorized person, on mechanical and electrical parts on normal operating conditions.

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