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Knitted Fabric Heat Setting Machine

Machine Usage: This Knitting fabric heat setting machine adopts hot air setting, maximum working temperature is 220℃. it is used for heat setting of tubular polyester、blender cotton fabrics. And it...

Machine Usage:
This Knitting fabric heat setting machine adopts hot air setting, maximum working temperature is 220℃. it is used for heat setting of tubular polyester、blender cotton fabrics. And it can be used for pre-setting of spandex. After worked by this machine, customer can get steady size, flat surface.
The machine has three heating mothod: electric, thermal oil, natural gas and liquefied gas, before order the machine, please inform.

Machine Parameters

Items Parameters
Standard working width Double tube 1500mm
Hot air area size(WXL) 3600mmX2000 mm
Hot air Max.temperature 220℃
Mechanical speed 3-20m/min(speed adjusted by the  Inverter)
Machine overfeeding rate -20%—+50%
Heating mothod Electric: when raising the temperature: 135KW;
when working70~90KW
Thermal oil:when raising the temperature: 120000kcal/H;
when working 60000kcal/H
Natural gas:When raising temperature: 20M³/H;
when working: 7~10M³/H
Drive method Three secction inverter,double tubes drive
Fabrics exit Plaiting, rolling
Motor power 19.94kW
Applicable compressed air pressure 0.4—0.6MPa
Machine size (LxWxH) 5970×5245×3100mm
Machine weight About 6T

Machine Confugation:

Infeeding Ø  The infeed part includes infeed chamber, overfeeding mechanism and width adjust mechanism.
Ø  Overfeeding wheel is made of polyurethane material,it is durable and has long lifespan. Overfeeding driven is precise controlled by inverter, overfeeding rate is steady.
Ø  Manual width adjust, safety and convenient.
Hot air setting chamber Ø  Equips one set 11kw motor and axial impeller, the triangle belt is driven between the motor and impeller shaft
● Thermal oil heating: equips high efficient winded type heat exchanger, the heat exchanger pipe is steel-alunium composite fin pipe.
● Electric heating: 45pcs(each piece 3KW) electrical tube. The electrical tube is controlled by group.
● Natural Gas or liquefied gas heating:equips stainless steel burner room.
Ø Equip pull-type filtering net in front of the blower, the filtering net is 20meshstainess steel net, filter out the fibers to avoid the pilus block the heat exchanger and nozzles.
Ø Four side walls of the chamber are insulated panels with thickness 100mm, the P type high temperature resistant rubber seal, double sealing, which could decrease the heat loss in maxsium, so as to save engergy.
Ø The heat chamber equips the dust exhaust system, the dust exhaust fan is centrifugal fan, dust exhaust volume is controlled by air door.
Exit plaiter mechanism assemble Ø This part consists of rubber roller mechanism,plaiter mechanism
Ø The rubber roller adopts pneumatic pressure on system, and the pressure system equips air cylinder, reversing valve and so on.
Ø The roller adopts super rubber, heat resistant, durable and long life span.
Ø Four plaiter rollers, two sets static electric removal device, four pieces high pressure static electric rod.
Ø Coolant mechanism equips two sets axial flow blower, big air volume, air is evenly.
Control valve
(thermal oil heating)
Thermal oil heating mothod: adopts proportion type Bellows sealed electric three – way regulating valve
Electric heater (Electric heating) Electirc heating mothod:consist of electric heater, controlled by groups. Among them two groups are automatically control.
Electric heater
(natural gas or liquefied gas)
Natural gas or liquefied gas equips heating method: equips Hankfuel gas burner and stainless steel burner room.
Equips 8sets stretcher’s side bar, big size, middle size and small size, each 24set extendable bar, all the side bars and extendable bars are all made of stainless steel.

Electric Controll
This system contains electrical cabinet, Electric components adopts Delta inverters, France low voltage electronics, Electric heating mothod, equips intelligent digital temperatureature controller. Thermal oil heating mothod, natural gas and liquefied gas heating mothod, equips Honeywell temperature controller.

● The above is standard configuration.
● In additional, customer could equips the following special configuration:
A.Mulit tube infeeding model, Max size:
Four tubes: 4X600mm’ Three tubes:3X1000mm; double tubes 2X1500 mm
B.Table type mechancial folding.
C.Hydraulic up-down precsie folding(double tube double drive)
D.Side bar equips slitting blade, after slitting up and down rolling device.
Lead time: 60working days.
Payment:40%pay in advance, 60%pay before ship the machine
Installation and Commissioning: Supplier will dispatch one technician to supervise the installation and commission and to instruct and teach Buyer’s operators to properly operate and maintain the machine.
Buyer shall shoulder the round air tickets of the Technician and to provide his board and lodging and local transportation.Salary USD150 per day.
Warranty: One year warranty period to start upon turn-over of the machine to Buyer’s authorized person, on mechanical and electrical parts on normal operating conditions.

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