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Open Width Compacting Machine

Machine usage: ● GHLS2400 open width compactor is a combination machine of pin plate stenter and felt compactor. ● It is used for the pre-setting process of 100% cotton, wool...

Machine usage:
● GHLS2400 open width compactor is a combination machine of pin plate stenter and felt compactor.
● It is used for the pre-setting process of 100% cotton, wool and hemp natural fabrics in open width form.
● After treated by this machine, the fabrics will be steady, soft hand feel, water shrinkage can be controlled within 5%.

● The drying cylinder(core part of the open width compactor) has three seperate built-in heating method: steam heating, electric oil heating, and circulating oil heating from outside. Before order the machine, customer should inform the heating method in advance.
● In addition, Customer could choose double heating method: steam+electric oil; Circulating oil+electric oil.
Steam+electrical oil: when work for cottong fabrics, drying cylinder temperature is 120℃, choose the cheaper steam as heating source, while worked for blender(Cotton+Poly)fabrics, choose the electric oil heating source, drying cylinder temperature can reach to 180℃
Circulating oil+electric oil: both the heating source can reach 180℃, when the circulatingoil is not enough(lack of circulating oil), do not need to stop working

Double heating source is our unique technology!!

Mainly Techncial Parameters:

Max.working width Stenter:2800mm
Stenter frame length Coned area 4.5m; Parallel area 4m
Mechanical speed 3~30m/min
Drying cylinder heating method  Steam heating、circulating oil heating, electric oil heating
Drying cylinder Max.working temperature 130℃(steam heating)
180℃(circulating oil、electric oil heating)
Steam consumption 120kg/hour(steam heating)
60kg/hour(circulating oil、electric oil heating)
Installed power 72.75KW(not include gumming mechanism)
Machine dimension (LXWXH) 15920X4220X2740mm
Machine weight About 22tons

Machine Structure and Features:

1 Fabrics tighten device and automatic alignment device,adjust the infeeding tension force,correct the fabrics running path automatically.
2 Weft correcting device,manual adjust,correct the fabrics weft.
3 Automatic tension control device,keep the constant tension between alignment device and lower overfeeding automatically.
4 Equip the teeth spreader to flat the curled edges. Teeth spreader has simply structure,which could run without power, strongly suggest customer choose this type spreader(four fingers spreader and pheumatic spreader are optional)
5 Far infra-red auto edge detector and tracing system, which can guarantee the fabrics pin on correctly,
6 The wool brush wheel overfeeding and pinning on device, which is controlled by inverter, overfeeding rate is -20%—+50%.
7 Gumming box, fabrics edge drying, fabrics edge cutting, fabrics edge sucking device are for customers optional parts, customer can choose.
8 Stainless steel rail, copper pin plate, stainless steel pin plate housing, stainless steel high strength chains, especially suitable for steam enviroment..
9 Chains of the right and left stenter rail are controlled by inverter motor seperately,running synchronization.
10 In front of the stenter frame and felt compacting unit, equip two steaming box made of stainless steel, the stenter frame steaming box equips air curtain in front side to block off the steam  dissipation, which can guarantee the edge detector works normally(not disturb by the steam).
11 Two pieces of thicken felt(20mm),the felt is used to compacting and setting, especially for open width fabrics,material is 30% Du pont Nomex.
12 Drying cylinder has three built-in heating methods: Heated by electric oil,steam,circulating oil. intelligent control. Temperature tolerance is +_1℃. In addition,customer can choose double heating source.
13 The fabrics output by plaiting mode.
14 Equip synchrocontrol devices between two sets compacting unit, which could harmonize the proportional speeds of each units automatically.
15 Adjust the speed of the machine by inverter, HIM operation system. PLC programme controlled.
16 Phneumatic system assemble consist of gas water separator, filter, pressure reducing valve, electronically controlled reversing valve, air tube, cylinder and so on. Its main function is to control the cylinder to complete the specified action
17 The electrical system assembly consists of electrical cabinet, low-voltage electrical appliances, inverters, PLC, touch screen, AI intelligent temperature controller and operation panel

Machine Mainly Parts

Series Item Place of original Specification Remark
01 Far Infra-red center device Shanghai
02 Auto edge tracing device Shanghai
03 Teeth plate spreader Jiangsu
04 Felt Shanghai Thickness 20mm
05 Pin plate and chains Jiangsu
06 Gear reducer motor Zhejiang
07 Inverter Delta of Taiwan
08 PLC Delta of Taiwan
09 Touching screen(10.4) Delta of Taiwan
10 Temperature controller Xiamen AI intelligent type
11 low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider
12 Pneumatic components Shanghai

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