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Open Width Knit Stenter

Stenter Flow Pass: Flat feed cloth →High position guide cloth→Infrared expansion alignment device →two roll skew rolling mill (heavy duty )→Tension controller →Circular warping (active)→Infrared expansion alignment device →Lower feeding...

Stenter Flow Pass:
Flat feed cloth →High position guide cloth→Infrared expansion alignment device →two roll skew rolling mill (heavy duty )→Tension controller →Circular warping (active)→Infrared expansion alignment device →Lower feeding →electric weft→Expanding roll→Electric weft →Upper overfeed→Four finger stripping →Infrared edge detection →Upper needle →Oast house →Cold air cooling →Drop cloth.

Machine Structure
Enter Fabric:
● Two stainless steel tubes are used to adjust the Angle of worm Gear reducer to adjust the tension of cloth
● Two sets of central machine:three rollers,two rollers that can move left and right,and apair of photo electric detector

Grouting Roller Set:
● Diameter 100mm stainless steel guide roll
● Mangle roller
Active roll(down roll); 406 mm diameter synthetic rubber, driven By 11kw frequency conversion motor reducer and chain drive Follower roll(upper roll); 406 mm diameter synthetic rubber, Connected to crank and cylinder, liquid roll supported by heavy Load bearing.
● Distribution roller 100mm white iron roller-group
● Slurry tank,movable type of non-embroidred steel.linked to the cylinder for easy cleaning or replacement of size, provide in the tank 1 hydraulic wheel
● Operating control electrical component group
● Slurry pre-mixing drum :made of non-embroidred steel plate, with a capacity of 500kg two, each with a mixer fixed on the operating table
● Stainless steel baffle

Speed Compensator and Weft Finishing Device
● Precision speed compensation and weft adjustment device Active circular knitting device
● Speed control of rolling mill by tension controller stenter operation area
● Stainless steel guide roll
● Touch screen control console and operating panel

Entry area
● Entry fabric
● The top fabric diameter is 220cm driver roller covered with special prickly skin
● The diameter of the bottom cloth is 220cm. the roller is covered with special spurs
● Distribution of white iron tooth wheel, motor and transimisson parts
● Electric button adjustment guider roller straightening weft
● Four finger edge -developing device (German E+L)
● Edge tracker (German E+L 60Type)
● Upper needle device consisting of special motor for frequency conversion. rubber wheel for upper needle. Upper needle brush and lower belt. overfeeding up to 10%-60%
● Pull into the cloth area 6.0meter
● Frequency conversion control overfeeding motor.
● Automatic needle top device
● Inlet brace: two stainless steel guider rods

Drying.Setting Room
● 3meter per chamber
● The oven is constructed of channel steel and angle iron. with a new high density rock wool insulation from top to bottom and left and right with iron wallet. In addition. the outside panel is designed for point contact with the inner panel, and the insulation panel is 150mm thick
● 3kw motors per chamber with four motors. low noise. strong wind pressure and uniform design. The upper and lower winds of the windmill are adjustable by frequency conversation control
● Hot air nozzle vertical blowing up and down
● Each chamber has a pid digital temperature control meter, natural gas heating mode (a group of Macson VP300 combustor and control value group )and a temperature sensing probe (PT100)

Cooling Equipment
● 2*3kw motor with air cooling with 1 group of wind mills, adjustable upper and lower air volume.

Final Transmission
● Use motor 22kw motor and transmission parts (Frequency conversion control)

Working Width Adjusting Mechanism
● Adjustment of the width and width of the rear section setting and outlet from 2.2kw motor device
● Adjustment of width and width of 0.37kw motor driver in front of stretch area

Exhaust Windmill
● Variable frequency control of exhaust windmill (5.5kw 2) motor and transmission drive. The discharge volume of each chamber is adjusted by the throttle. ranging from 20% to10%

Out Device
● outlet box
● Cloth hoisting device
● Special frequency conversion motor and transmission parts of spundle roller for swing drawing device
● Rail chain rotary head, gearbox and transmission
● Electrostatic eliminator: two SED rods and one time mainframe (import from taiwan )
● Frequency conversion control of distribution motor
● Swing cam set contains motor, frequency conversion and drive parts
Push -button chain lubrication system: 1Group
Camera monitor screen system: 1Group
Speed meter (metric): 1Group
Width gauge(metric system): 1Group
Length table (metric ): 1Group
Walkie-talkie(connecting the nose to the tail for operator contact): 1Group
Mechanical secondary wire material: 1Group
Vertical distribution cabinet: 1Group

Sqare Parts
● Faller: 50pcs
● Needle plate seat: 50pcs
● Round brush: 10pcs
● Chain: 50pcs
● Hold -all: 1set
● Tooling: chain. tooling, impeller tooling

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