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Relax Dryer Machine

GHHG2800-5 Five  pass tensionless dryer is used for tubular fabrics and open width fabrics drying, suitable for cotton, blender and polyester.   Machine Usage: ● GHHG2800-5Five pass tensionless dryer is...

GHHG2800-5 Five  pass tensionless dryer is used for tubular fabrics and open width fabrics drying, suitable for cotton, blender and polyester.


Machine Usage:
● GHHG2800-5Five pass tensionless dryer is used for tubular fabrics and open width fabrics drying, suitable for cotton, blender and polyester.
● During drying, the fabrics are being supported by the net belts allthe time, upper and lower nozzles are blowering, the fabrics are moving in wave form, after several times vibrating and beating, the moisture will be evaporated, and the fabrics are dried gradually.
● During the whole drying process, the fabrics are in relax status, release the inside tension force fully, after preshinking and setting to reach the ideal results
● The machine has four heating method: Steam, oil, directly natural gas and indirectly natural gas. Please indiate before order.

Mainly Technical Parameters:

Nets layerx width 3X 2800mm(width is changable)
Mechanical speed Two chambers dryer: 2~20m/min
Four chambers dryer: 3~30m/min
Six chambers dryer: 5~45m/min
Infeed mode Tubular fabrics can be infeeded in multi tubes, while open width fabrics only can be infeeded in single tube.
Heating method steam、thermal oil、natural gas
Max.working temperature of hot air: Steam 130℃; thermal oil、natural gas 150℃
Machine normal working consumption Steam  150~200kg/hour.chamber
Thermal oil: 70000-100000kcal/hour·chamber
Natural gas 8-12m3/hour·chamber
Each chamber evaluating amount 140—180kg/hour·chamber
Drying chamber length 2.1m/chamber
Each chamber fabrics length 6.3m/chamber
Insulated panel thickness 105mm
Net material Glass fiber PTFE coating
Drive control 11.15 KW PLC+inverter
Hot motor 22KW/chamber inverter
Dust exhaust motor two、four chambers  1X2.2KW  inverter
Six chambers 2X2.2KW  inverter
Drying chamber hot air delivery mode Upper and lower nozzle interlaced blowing
Machine Dimesion(LX WX H): Two chambers 7930X5070X3710 mm
Four chambers 12150X5070X3710 mm
Six chambers 16370X5070X3710 mm
Machine weight: Two chambers about10tons
Four chambers  about 16tons
Six chambers about 22tons

Machine Configuration:

Infeeding mechanism assemble Overfeeding, net one, net two, net three and rubble belt, all controlled by independent inverters.
The nets adopts pneumatic tighten,relax automatically after stop the machine.
The net adopts pneumatic correct system, correct the path reliable.
The nozzles are made of hot zinc steel plate. CNC machining center made.
Drying chambers Each chamber two sets 11kw motor and two sets centrifugal impeller.
The motor is F grade insulated, and have oil injecting holes both in front and back sides. The motor equips high temperature resistant roller bearing; the impeller have high strength, high air pressure, the hot air circulation efficiency enhance 15-30%. The air motor impeller can be pull out together with the motor, no need to came inside to discharge, easy to maintain.
Three heating method:
Steam, thermal oil, directly natural gas and indirectly natural gas.
Steam heating: Pin type heat exchanger, Max temperature is 130℃.
Thermal oil heating: Pin type heatexchanger, Max temperature is  150℃.
Natural gas directly heating:Hankfuel gas burner, Max temperature is 150 ℃.
Natural gas indirectly heating: Hankfuel gas burner and stainless steel heat exchanger. Max. Temperatur130℃, Advantage: fabrics will not turn colour, disadvantage: natural gas higher consumption(about 15% more)
Each drying chamber equips filtering net; the filtering net is with 30mesh and made of stainless steel.
The machine frame is made of carbon steel square pipe8#. Inside we filled with temperature insulated material, reduce the loss of energy.
Equip insulated panel in four sides of drying chambers, the thickness of the panel is 105mm, we fill super alumina silicate heating resistant material, high temperature resistant silicon  rubber seal strip on insulated panels, so decrease the heat loss in maximum degree, so save energy in maximum.
Net belt is made of fiber glass and Teflonmaterial.
Each chamber equips one piece moisture exhaust pipe,air door inside and could adjust the air amount. Total moisture amount controlled by inverter blower.
Fabrics Exit Exit belt is one piece guide rubble ring belt.

Electrical system
● Electric controls adopts programme controlling method, equips blowers starting in sequence system, faulty fabrics protecting system, emergency cooling system, counter-clockwise system
● Electric components adopts Delta of Taiwan, Shneiderbrand low voltage appliance, Honeywell temperature controller.

Main Parts

Series Item name Place of original Remarks
01 Net belt Dupond material 3pcs
02 Drive motor reducer ZIK 5sets
03 Hot air motor Simens 2sets/chamber
04 Blower and impeller Weifang 2sets/chamber
05 Exit rubber belt Shanghai 1pc
06 Inverters Delta of Taiwan Driven motor 5sets
Hot air motor 1set/chamber
07 PLC programme controller Delta of Taiwan 1pc
08 Touch screen Delta of Taiwan 1pc
09 Low voltage applicance Schneider of France
10 Temperature controller Honeywell 1pc/chamber
11 Heat resistance Shanghai 1pc/chamber
12 Phneumatic components Zhejiang

Spare parts and tools
Net belt correcting switch(YBLX-JW2/11H/Ltravel switch):2pcs
Insulated panel rubber cap for decoration:20pcs
width spreading driven triangle belt:2pcs
Low voltage appliance accessorie:4pcs
Pneumatic solenoid directional control valve:1Set
Sealing trip:20m
Hot air blower disassemble tool:1pc
Stainless Steel filtering net: 4m2
Insulate panel disassemble tool:1pc

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