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Rope Opening Squeezing Suction Machine

This Rope open squeezing machine is used before stenter and open width compactor. It can slit the tubular fabrics and then squeezing the water, immerse the softer, also it can...

This Rope open squeezing machine is used before stenter and open width compactor. It can slit the tubular fabrics and then squeezing the water, immerse the softer, also it can squeeze water, immerse softner for the open width fabrics.
Rope fabrics infeed directly and be slit, automatic detwister(automatically cenering slitting line device is optional), this machine enhance the manufacturing efficient,omit the flow process. so can save time and labour, shorten the production cycle.

Information of Goods
Name: Automatic Detwist &Slitter & Squeezer
Model: GHRZ2400
Driven pattern: Inverter gear reducer motor drive
Fabrics speed: 0~80m/min(inverter control and adjustable)
Infeed and exit pattern:  Tubular infeed and open width exit
Voltage 380V/220V
Machine power Small padder before slitting machine1.5Kw(optional)
Slitter 10.75Kw
Padder  8.6 Kw
Tubular fabrics maximum width ≤48″(1200)mm
Dimension Slitter 3400mm×4000mm×6800 mm
P Padder 1200mmX3650mmX2200mm
S Small padder  2400mmX800mmX2000mm
Machine weight about 12.8T
Load: 1*40FCL

Turn Table
Pull the fabrics trolley to the turn table, after fix it, the turn table will detwist automatically.

Small Padder
The wet fabrics will be squeezed by the small padder, which can remove some water from the fabrics, which makes easier to slit, then the fabrics enter to the detwist device

Detwister Device
Rope type fabrics enter the detwister, there is sensor on the detwister, which can sense the twist and send signal to order the detwister head and turn table to rotary and detwist, then fabrics will enter the slitting umbrella under the draw of the active motor.

Slitting Umbrella
It is made of stainless steel, diameter can be adjustable,there is synchronous breadth adjust device in the back. It is the same width with umbrella frame. When working, rotary the umbrella frame to center the slitting line(customer can order automatic slitting centering device)

Slitting Blade
Diameterφ200 mm; rotary speed 2800rpm;when the three phase motor drive, it will start to slit the fabrics.

After slit, the active roller will bring the fabrics to spreading frame, the stainless steel tube is made to triangle shape and will open the fabrics, it is flexible, can be adjusted. Then fabrics enter the padder through the infra-red centering device.

Slat Pattern infra-red Centering Device
Fabrics after slit go through double spreading shafts of the infra-red centering device to expand, then will be corrected by centering shaft, at last enter padder.
Though adjust the air cylinder, the different pressure will be press on the squeezing roller, then the extra liquid will be press out from the fabrics. The center of the squeezing roller is steel structure, outside covers USA special glue. surface is high profile, the contact surface of the doule squeezing roller will have a parallel to the squeezing seam under 80KN pressure. there is liquor detention on the fabrics.

Plaiting Exit
Fabrics after squeezing liquid will exit with plaiting, it is drivin by active roller, driven by three phase motor

Electrical Control
The electrical control adopts relay-contactor pattern, main driven speed is controlled by inverter.
Electrical components, inverter is Delta brand, low voltage appliance is shneider of France.

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