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Rope Opening Washing Squeezing Machine

Machine Usage: This rope opening washing squeezingmachine is used before stenter and open width compactor. It can slit the tubular fabrics and then squeezing the water, immerse the softer, also...

Machine Usage:
This rope opening washing squeezingmachine is used before stenter and open width compactor. It can slit the tubular fabrics and then squeezing the water, immerse the softer, also it can squeeze water, immerse softner for the open width fabrics.
Rope fabrics infeed directly and be slit, automatic detwister(automatically cenering slitting line device is optional), this machine enhance the manufacturing efficient, omit the flow process. So can save time and labour, shorten the production cycle.

Configurated as Below:
1) J-box rope squeezer (small padder)
Detect fabric joint and stop, no fabric feeding stop, serious fabric pile stop

2) Automatic detwister H=6.0M (fixed height) H=6.0m
Both hand and automatic operation is allowed, adjustable detwisting sensitivity, precise detwisting, active driving method to reduce tension.

3) The main machine control device-PLC
PLC communication control, all electrical parts is from Siemens brand, can remote your operating system ( for example, if machine control system have problem, we can remote control software and solve it).

4) Precision tension control device:
2set precision tension controller to reduce fabric running tension.

5) Fabric beater
Can automatic rise when don’t need it.

6) German E+L slitting device with extend device to slit seaming fabric Slitting basket diam.800mm, apply to max tubular width 1300mm(open width 2600mm)

7) Centering device
It’s realized by one line of eudipleural infrared and 1pair of correction rolls (covered with roughened rubber). When fabric run off and cover the left side or right side infrared, infrared will give this signal to correction rolls by sensor. Then correction rollers will work and move fabric to center.

8) Spreading unit
3set Spreading rolls: made of stainless steel 304, installed in main machine, before washing tank, before squeezer.

9) Circulating washing tank 1set (inside recycle style)with cover The system allows you to adjust both the scope and the output pressure from nozzles. There is 6set sprayer unit for each washing tank. Fabric lint and other residue is removed by sprayer and then washed in the water.
A) Equipped with 1 set brush style filter Filtered water flow back to spray thrower to spray the fabric in washing tank and water is reusable to save water. Fabric lint is brushed off by hairbrush.
B) Equipped with automatic heat control device
It allow you to adjust water temperature according to your process requirement, max heating temperature 80 degree, fabric will be more flat after washed in hot water.

10) Squeezing padder
Made by professional supplier Complast (Spanish brand). high hardness squeezing roller to get better squeezing & washing effect. Squeezing padder with two covering rollers, pressure obtained through pneumatic bellows. Rollers made in full special steel, rubberized by means of vulcanization. Max pressure 12tons.
Covering Rollers
Diameter of the all squeezing rollers is 290mm, including 20mm of rubber, thicker & high hard rubber covering to make squeezing effect better. The hardness of roller is 98°and 94°, which is suitable for cotton or rayon fabric and cotton or rayon blend fabric.

11)Plaiting device can adjust plaiting style, big weave or small wave.

Working Speed range: 0-100m/min
Power supply: 380V/50HZ
Output power: 22KW for the full process
Automation control P.L.C
Machine automation is controlled by a Siemens P.L.C
This design has 3kinds of process ways as attached drawing, suitable for different process method and one key to start one process method.

Design Drawing:

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