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1 Effective working width: 2600(mm) 2 Speed: 8-100 m/min 3 Overfeeding: -10 %-+100 % 4 Cloth holding method: single needle plate 5 Dryer temperature: 240 ℃ (Max) 7 6 Compressor...

1 Effective working width: 2600(mm)
2 Speed: 8-100 m/min
3 Overfeeding: -10 %-+100 %
4 Cloth holding method: single needle plate
5 Dryer temperature: 240 ℃ (Max) 7
6 Compressor air pressure: 0.4—0.5MPa
7 Heating source: natural gas
8 Power: 380V (+5%) 50HZ 3PH
9 Capacity: 190kw
10 Dimension: 46725mm/ 5500mm/ 4500mm

1. Fabric Feeding Components
1.1 Cloth fastening device: control of the cloth through the screw and nut, 2 stainless steel rolls with the case of the case.
1.2 Opening pair device: consists of a stainless steel opening roll and a cylinder driven swing roll correction center mechanism. The tracking speed of the correction roll is controlled by the inverter.
Steering roller: the turning roller, the function of which is to guide and support the fabric. According to different processes, the corresponding guide roller is configured(all guide roller rolls are composed of a composite tube structure, the inner layer is rolled with a steel plate with a thickness of 2 mm and a cold rolled steel plate, and the outer layer is rolled with a diameter of 2 mm stainless steel plate, and the shaft head diameter is 20 mm, the thickness of the two ends of the boring head plate is 20 mm, Outsourced stainless steel plates.).
1.3 Tension frame: adjust fabric synchronization by using the tension of the United States Titanium Macro Tension Sensor fabric by a stainless steel guide roller(К125mm).

2. Grout Rolling Liquid Assembly(flat rolling trolley)
2.1 Active roll roll: 1 with a diameter of 400mm, covered with nitrile rubber, equipped with 11kw6 pole motor driving worm reducer through chain drive, with 11kw inverter controlling speed.
2.2 Concurrent rolling fluid: 1 branch, 400mm in diameter, overlaid with nitrile rubber, pressurized through the crank arm at the connection of two φ 200 × 260 cylinders.
2.3 Thread expansion roll: 1 piece, diameter 114 mm stainless steel roll in vitro welding 6 mm × 4 mm stainless steel flat wire, placed before the roll, driven by 1.5 kW electric.
2.4 Pulp groove: 2mm stainless steel folding, movable, rotating by two φ 50 × 50 cylinders to facilitate cleaning or resizing of the liquid. The tank is made of a dip roller and stainless steel.
2.5 Pneumatic components: Pneumatic control electrical components and connectors 1 set.
2.6 Stainless steel water shield group 1.
2.7 photoelectric whole latitude: Chinese brand

3. Stenting Area Component
3.1 the fixed shape into the cloth area: the use of centralized control console, equipped with the interface of the human machine to make the operation of various functions more simple and convenient.
3.2 The box structure of the incoming area: 10 mm/Q235A steel plate laser cutting and welding.
3.3 Upper cloth Super feeding roller: 220mm diameter imported rough-faced roller, driven by 2.2 kW worm gear gear reducer, frequency conversion control.
3.4 Under the cloth Super feeding roller: 1 branch, diameter 220mm imported rough-faced roller, driven by 2.2 kW worm gear gear reducer, frequency conversion control.
3.5 Loaded thread expansion roll: 2 pieces, diameter 114 mm stainless steel roll external winding welding 6 mm × 4 mm stainless steel flat wire, driven by 2.2 kW motor.
3.6 weft straightening roller(electric): 2 groups, driven by 4 0.37 kW reducers.
3.7 Four-fingered rims: 1 set.
3.8 Infrared edge Finder(cloth edge tracker): with flexible rack actuator, sensitive, stable and reliable, to ensure correct needle mounting and entry of the fabric.
3.9 Ultra feeding needle device: 1 set, including overfeeding needle mechanism, overfeeding brush rubber wheel, 0.75 kW drive motor, operation panel, indicator table, frequency conversion control.

4. Chambers of Dryer
4.1 Baking box 3M per section, the main body of columns and beams with high-strength 3mm galvanized plate bending into 160 × 62mm(width) structure; Surrounded by heat preservation asbestos board insulation, with high temperature resistant silicone rubber seal, the company’s unique door plate manufacturing technology, plate adopts 1.5 inch thick galvanized plate, plus 150mm thickness(including roof), so that the insulation effect is better, oven temperature is uniform, more energy saving.
4.2 Low noise strong wind pressure cycle fan driven by 7.5 kw-4p high temperature resistant motor, 2 sets per room, frequency conversion control(up and down wind channel can be independently converted)
4.3 Hot air nozzles: The nozzles are round and square in shape and are designed with special grooves to keep the hot wind blowing angle up and down vertically, ensuring a uniform temperature and avoiding hooking.

4.4 Heat heaters: group 1 per chamber, using Hankefu, with proportional burners, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
4.5 Filters: Two pieces per chamber, made of 30 stainless steel metal mesh, with the upper layer directly pulled out and cleaned.
4.6 Temperature control system: The temperature control meter, temperature sensor(PT100) and British Hankefu burner are used to accurately control the required temperature.

5. Main Chain Drive
5.1 The guide rail is welded with high strength and high hardness of 6 manganese steel plates. The structure is exquisite, easy to maintain, and the deformation is small.
5.2 The main chain drive is driven by a 22kw-6p motor and the main chain is driven by a gear box driven by a group of belt wheels and a group of chain wheels to drive the spline shaft, which is controlled by frequency conversion.
5.3 Graphite bars(polymer materials) are embedded in cold pull brackets and are not easily detached, easily maintained, and durable.
5.4 An unsheeted needle detection unit is provided, using a photoelectric type.

6. Cooling System and Exhaust Equipment
6.1 Cooling system: 1 set of circulating wind cooling, with 5.5 kW cycle fan providing source,
And there can be manual adjustment of up and down wind volume.
6.2 Ventilation unit: composed of two 5.5 kW circulation fans, each central chamber is equipped with adjustable valves, which can be used for various exhaust settings. The fan speed is controlled by frequency conversion.
6.3 work width adjustment mechanism
6.4 The first crossbar at the entrance is driven by a 0.4 kW gear reducer and moves quickly to set the width with different incoming conditions.
6.5 The first, second and third sections of the entrance oven can be electrically adjusted individually or can be linked to the total gate amplitude.
6.6 The last track can be electrically adjusted separately or linked to the total gate amplitude.
6.7 The rest is driven by a 2.2 kW cycloidal reducer to adjust the width(one motor per 2 sections).
6.8 Orbital width protection device and swing angle limiting device are provided.

Outgoing Areas
1. out of the area configuration
1.1 Box body in outgoing area: 1 set made by laser cutting and welding of 10mm/Q235A steel plate.
1.2 Duct roll: covered with a rough-faced fabric quality band(using imported material), driven by a 2.2 kW reducer and controlled by frequency conversion.
1.3 Electrostatic eraser: 2 static eraser rods and 1 master controller.
1.4 Mode of distribution: flat sheets are operated by a 2.2 kW reducer, with frequency conversion control.
1.5 Operating boxes: Independent operating systems that control the speed and excess feeding of the nose through the touch screen, as well as the emergency stop button, the function of talking to the nose, etc..

Fourth, the advantages of this machine:
1. the thermal insulation effect is obvious, the temperature of the workshop is significantly lower than the traditional stereotypes.
1.1 Panel insulation effect: 150mm thick insulation panels for all insulation layers; Among them, 150mm is divided into two layers of thermal insulation materials of different materials, and the thermal insulation effect reaches the extreme.
1.2 Post and beam insulation effect: all columns and beams are filled with rock cotton and the outer layer is covered with tin film to prevent heat emission.
1.3 Insulation effect of sealing: All connectors are treated with high temperature sealant and all panels are protected with high temperature resistant rubber seals.
1.4 Internal air duct: reducing heat emitted through the air duct, significantly reducing workshop temperature; Sanitary, beautiful, easy to clean, for the workshop to provide a favorable guarantee of cleaner production.
Fire extinguishing device: The built-in air duct is equipped with a steam extinguishing device.

2. Use Materials to Study, Strong
2.1 Customization of the delivery frame: The use of 200 mm x 80 mm by Lixin Menforth and 250 mm x 80 mm by our company, the strength of which will not cause shaking in production.
2.2 Custom oven rack: Lixin Menforth uses 120mm × 62mm, our company uses 160mm × 62mm, high-strength rack stable in high-speed production; Convenient maintenance, there are Bevel gears at the rack, such as the trust Mavos rack, maintenance is extremely inconvenient(hands can not reach).

3. Wind Tunnel Design Reasonable
3.1 The Lishin Gate Foss wind path is the upper and lower rows, often the upper winds fall on the track or cloth, resulting in secondary cloth; In particular, the port of the wind channel is often not in place, and the phenomenon of leakage of wind occurs, which causes uneven temperature in the oven, and the temperature difference between the left and the right is obvious, especially the model of natural gas for energy use.
3.2 Each air channel is installed independently: the air channel has a socket to the interface, and the docking is stable and compact, avoiding false docking and blurring; The tail is fixed on a special beam, which is easy to dismantle and install. It will not be like the weight of the entire air channel, causing the retainer of the frame to deform and fall. Conveniently maintained, there is no need for a large amount of space in the walkway like Lixin Menforth.

4. Furnace:
Made of 304 stainless steel plates with high temperature resistance, specially designed as a “T” shape, reasonable vacancy design, and used by many users, the temperature in the oven is uniform and stable.

5. head and tail call function: specially designed before and after the operation of the call function(with horn and amplifier system).

6. Electricity
6.1 The frequency conversion is specially processed by Fuji, Japan, and is particularly suitable for the printing and dyeing factory environment. All motors are controlled by frequency conversion;
6.2 The main operating touch screen adopts a unique 15-inch large screen in China. The screen is clear and easy to operate.
6.3 PLC uses Mitsubishi’s latest 5U series, which can plug in 3 Ethernet ports to allow customers to integrate monitoring.
6.4 The cycle fan is equipped with a parking windbreak printing device(the brake system of the fan)
6.5 The use of a permanent magnet motor for circulation fans saves much more electricity than conventional Motors.

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