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Textile Stenter Machine

Universal stenter for drying and heat setting processes.With the corresponding configuration the machine can be used for practically all type of fabric. Stenter range for Dehydration Finishing Drying Curing Heat-setting...

Universal stenter for drying and heat setting processes.With the corresponding configuration the machine can be used for practically all type of fabric.

Stenter range for

Heat-setting of Woven and Knitting Fabric
Modular Technology
Infeed Combinations
Stenter infeed section
Fabric Preparation
Selvedge Uncurlers
Chain Rail Width Adjustment
High-tech stenter Chains
Chamber systems
Heat methods
Plasma Edge Cutting Device
Outlet combinations
Electric Control Panel

Technical Date

General executions available For knitting and woven fabric
Width range available 180-320cm
Minimum working width 60cm
Number of chambers available 4-12 chambers
Max chamber temperature 220degree
Stentering chain Hercules -horizontal chain with long term lubrication
Machine speeds 2.5-150m/min

Infeed Combinations
Guanhua offers standard infeed combinations, the cloth frame, E+L on the device, expander, cloth feeding tension control device <optional ordinary potentiometer or E+L tension sensor >. Which is designed to match the requirements of most kinds fabric treatment process. The illustrations here show three infeed combinations:

On padders with automatic quick cleaning, the trough is supplied with a system for quick draining and quick cleaning

Padder GH Standard
The bowl pad mangle suitable for finishing and dehydration processes. one squeeze roller is a cylindrical and solid core roller, the other is designed as a solid core pressure roller with a crown to apply uniform pressure. rolling car pressure by the precision precision pressure regulator control accurate, meet the requirement of different fabric technology. selection of a single vehicle rolling tension control. single <E+L sensor>,double rolling vehicle, double tension control of <E+L sensor>.

Stenter Infeed Section
Short controlled fabric guidance for optimum feeding of even extremely delicate knitting fabrics. uniform pinning by two driven draw rollers in the infeed unit.

Infeed Track Lengths
Up to 6m to take auciliary equipment; eg. Selvage gumming device. steam unit etc.

Fabric Preparation

Large overfeed pinning adjustment range (-10%+100%)to accommodate the various amounts of shrinkage encountered in different fabrics. before and after touch screen can be adjusted over feed from the head and tail of the busy running back and forth and can quickly control over feed.
The selvedge tension can be set separately for the left-hand and right hand sides control.
Careful design of the compressed air blowing adage device can make the adge of serious fabric in the needle before fully expanded, in favor of fabric adage can be fully finalized in the oven.

Selvedge Uncurlers
All selvedge uncurlers using the German original factory production

Mechanical Spreading Unit

Mechanical scroll spindles, either two three or four on each side

Pneumatic uncuring unit, epecially for elastics  (single easy curling jersey cotton)

Chain Rail width Adjustment

Each am screw can control alone or unity in the operation panel.
The Siemens touch screen and PLC control. Manual and auotomatic regulation of door width. set the machine width shape arbitrarily, head and tail can be adjusted.

High-tech stenter chains

Hercules Horizontally Return
The chain in the maintenance free track, drive link within a sealed ball bearings and lubrication oil type. the service life of the chain long (depending on conditions)
For running speeds well in excess of 150m/min.
Minimum lubricant consumption by the patented direct.
Sesign as pin chian, clip chain or combined clip/pin chain.
Optionally depinning protection is possible for pin chain execution; locking clamp or protection bar.
Anti off needle protective clamp lifting device to avoid damage to the needle plate needle clamp of the latest design can ensure that the needle plate needle running in the best condition.

Chamber System

The oven
Energy management:built in air duct and efficient to prevent heat leakage and dripping oil, achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.
Oven all insulation panel made of heat insulation material are high quality galvanized plate and the thickness of 150mm is made, which inside and outside the oven ,put an end to the heat leakage.
Connected and working valve each heat insulation plate and frame, can smoke screen are equipped with sealing device.
Efficient energy-saving oven design, the whole chassis height 1600mm. No extra energy space, and can meet the equipped with air shielding device, heat and color air into the overflow of textile.

Mechanical and Electrical Parts
All transmission device are arranged in the box body, is convenient for daily maintenance;
The box body without lubrication points, avoid the lubrication management is not in place and all kinds of fault causes and pollution to the fabric;
Drive motor adopts imported brands.maintenance free and long maintenance cycle.

Air circulation control /Twin Air
Air Circulation the twin Air system

Separately controlled air flow for top and bottom air

Operating Setting
Top/bottom flow air adjustable in any desired ratio

Twin Air with Invert
Air volume controlled by Lenze frequency invert

Reproducible fabric results at any time. Individual exact setting by speed -controlled fans even at low speeds ideal for delicate fabrics such as knitted goods .coated fabrics, viscose, micro-fibers, pile goods and silk. The Twin Air is very idea air supply system.
Optionally, AEROMATIC system for oil-heated machines in case of matching stop. The fans are stopped immediately to avoid damage or marks to the fabric.
Bypass system is an option for gas heated machines.

Motets are accessible from outside the chamber
The use of standard components provides benefits in maintenance and inventory for the user.

Heating Methods
Oil circulating temperature control system
Large heat exchange surface are for quick heating
Baez/RTK electric valve

Direct Gas -fired Heating System
Easily accessible burner arrangement with optimum fresh air supply
Mason burner
Medium Voltage Steam Heating System
Combined Electric /steam Heating System

Outlet Combinations

A cloth combined device independent units by the cloth, cloth falling at the mercy of unit Unit and new powerful wet device, a cooling device, A winding device, can be individually adjusted to adapt to all kinds of fabric production.
The optional combination of cloth.

Outlet for Woven Fabrics
Outlet with driven pulling roller and big batch winding up to 2000max. The plaiter can be included as an option plaiter.
Outlet for Knitting fabric: outlet with driven pulling roller and a plaiter. Optionally an ascending batch winder on cardboard tubes up to 600m diameter max can be included.
Outlet for woven and /or knitting fabric: outlet with driven pulling roller and a plaiter having 1000mm lap length.

ELectric Control Panel

This machine adopts the high quality energy efficient imported components. Low voltage electrical control elements with Shi Naide Eaton of Germany Muller button lights, drive controller adopts Germany Lenze(suction controller ). Driver all original matching with feedback system and independent cooling system, Main chain transmission using independent driving, save space, which makes the repair and the power consumption to a minimum.
Electric drive control all adopted the Lenze 9300seires servo controller, driver unite using lenze high speed motor stable and reliable.
All the missing design setting, press the function region stick out a mile, graphic logo can make the controller easily grasp operation method, to achieve a multiplier effect.

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