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Tubular Compactor Machine

Tubular Compactor GHYS450 Introduction The tubular compactor machine equipped with 20mm seamless felt, magnetic levitation separate holder, electric oil cylinder, automatic hydraulic precise folder. It is mainly used for the...

Tubular Compactor GHYS450

The tubular compactor machine equipped with 20mm seamless felt, magnetic levitation separate holder, electric oil cylinder, automatic hydraulic precise folder. It is mainly used for the preshrinking process of cotton. Blender fabrics that more than 65% cotton can use this machine also. Wool circular fabrics. Preshrink ratio 18%, shrinkage less than 5%.

Technical Flow:
Constant tensionless infeed — four wheels overfeeding and expanding — steam humidification — double felts compacting — cooling air — precise folding

Main Parameter and Requirements:

Type Width
Speed (m/min) Dimension(L*W*H) Power
Steam(kg/h) DN oil/steam
Heating mathod
DGYS450BQ 1400 3-30 6500*2700*2250 10.77 100 /DN32 Steam
DGYS450BQ 1400 3-30 6500*2740*2250 36.02 50 /DN20 Electric oil
DGYS450BY 1400 3-30 6500*2740*2250 10.77 50 DN32/DN20 Oil

Machine Main Parts List:

Working width 1450mm (cylinder length 1550mm)
Technical speed (actual speed when working) 15-20m/min (depends on process)
Machine speed 3~30m/min
Steam box steam consumption 60~100kg/hour
Cylinder temperature 120℃~180℃
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Cylinder heating pattern steam heating(consumption: 4-6Kg/cm²steam 80-100Kg/H;)
Electric oil(consumption: 25-30KW/H)
Circulation oil( consumption 30000-50000Kcal/ H)
Machine power steam heated 10Kw
electric oil 46 KW/H
circulation oil 10Kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 6400X2750X2250mm
Weight 4.5tons


● This machine is used for preshrinking and ironed tubular fabric. The configuration of magnetic suction type independent shuttle plate. thickness of 20 mm Nomex carpet. hydraulic lifting plate form after drying the fabric directly from the machine processing. can obtain the stable size. less than 5% of the effect of shrinkage and excellent soft.
● The biggest width of fabric is 1500mm
● We can offer the following four different machines according to the different heat source :
● Steam. electricity. heat conduction oil. (internal loop) electricity and heat conduction oil (out loop). heat conduction oil supply.
● The highest temperature of steam drying cylinder is 130C ,The highest temperature of other machines is greater than 180C.
● Our machines are equipped with blanket 20mm thick and contain Nomax material ,wear -resistant high temperature resistance, will not pollute the fabric. standard with the drying cylinder with a diameter of 450mm.
● Magnetic suction type independent shuttle plate. easy to use. can adjust the width of the machine is running.
● Hydraulic type folding cloth machine has very neatly folded cloth.
● Model can provide a configuration of drying cylinder (out loop). for the heat conduction oil cylinder, its production speed than the standard machine is increased by 30%.
● Machine configuration electric +heat conduction oil (outer loop ) drying cylinder can realize rapid freezing and rapid thawing in the process of production downtime and to boot. reduce wear Blanket cooling process. prolong the life of carpet.
● We can provide dual blanket preshrinking machine, when processing a narrow fabric, two cloth run together. when processing the width of fabric, can run a cloth. the machine’s efficiency by more than 50% without any increase in workers compared with single machine.

Machine Structure:
1. Constant tension feeding device
This device consists of body frame, active draw shaft, R shape fabrics trunk, slide pannel, Footboard and photoelectric controllers. Its function is feed the fabrics into machine smoothly, eliminate the unstablility of fabric’s width and shrinkage caused by tension fluctuates.

2. Overfeeding Device and Holder
Four wheel driving, the position of the overfeeding wheel is driven by leading screw, electric adjustment, easy to operate. The overfeeding wheel is made of Polyurethane material, which has long life span. The holder is newly designed magnetic fluctuate model; there is no connection element between the left and right parts. Width can be adjusted in the range of 350mm-1450mm, during the adjustment, no need change folder, no need stop the machine.

3. Steaming Device
It is made of stainless steel and double layers structure, upside nozzles are concave shapes and underside nozzles are convex shape, the design can prevent condensed water ejection. Main pipe equipped a stainless ball valve to control the steam volume. The steam device also includes a vapor liquid separator and a condensing device.
The upper part of Steam box can be opened by air cylinder, convenient to feed fabrics, when start the machine it close automatically.

4. Compacting Section
The compacting section is the main part of the machine, this part includes electric oil cylinder, 20mm ring felt and damping plate.
After steam humidification, the fabrics enter to the compacting and setting unit, The fabrics is compacted between the felt and damping plate, after the fabrics leave the damping plate, it goes into the setting area between cylinder and felt. The fabircs will be setted size under the high temperature cylinder, after the process, the fabrics obtain stable width and gloss soften surface.
The cylinder temperature can be adjust according to the process requirement, and controlled by a thermo-regulator, the temperature control precise ±1℃.
The pneumatic device is used for direct the moving route of felt, the felt is tensioned by pneumatic cylinder and pressure is adjustable.
The main speed is the first cylinder speed, the second cylinder speed change follow the first speed, between the first cylinder and the second cylinder set with a tension adjust roll, which can keep the fabrics tension stable.

5. Conveyor Belt
Conveyor is a special belt, its function is transport fabrics tensionless, and the fabrics on the belt does not drift. The speed is controled by main speed.

6. Folding Device
Folding device include body frame, a pair of guide roll pressure plate lifting table and hydraulic system. The movement of lifting table is controlled by hydraulic, it fall automatically with folding height, and the fabrics can be transport out of the folder by conveyor belt automatically.

7. Drive Device
The machine is droved by 4 gear reducer motors, the motor droved by inverter and controlled by PLC, HMI operating. Overfeeding ratio and main speed can be adjust according to process requirement, the set parameter memory storage when stop machine.

8. Electrical System
The electrical system consist of electric cabinet, PLC, inverter, synchronous controller, temperature controller, air breaker and operation panels.

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